From Wednesday 4th to Saturday 7th June at the Festival Village
The Crazy Toad Chronicles: chat and coffee, from 1.30pm to 2.30pm
Small get-togethers in the Tent: chat and drinks, from 7.30pm to 8.30pm
Free entry/Open to all (M° Mairie d’Issy)

In partnership with the Technology Review
Original idea and moderation by Pierre de la Coste, hypertext writer

Is Pierre de la Coste a crazy toad? Above all, he has invented this very serious theory, which he developed in an article published in the “NO(S) FUTUR(S)” special edition of the renowned MIT’s Technology Review, on this occasion co-published by Le Cube.
During the Cube Festival, Pierre de la Coste will talk about The Crazy Toad Chronicles, along with invited key-figures who will present their visions of the future, as far as major social issues are concerned: the school of the future, the communicating city, virtual worlds… And many other surprising subjects! These get-togethers are open to all, everyone is invited to debate, in a convivial and impassioned environment, coffee provided.
From Wednesday 4th June to Saturday 7th June, from 1.30pm on, at the Festival Village / Free entry and access

The crazy toad theory
Crazy toads are those who do not follow the rest of the group when the breeding season comes, and therefore face certain death. But it is these same toads which, following the wrong direction, discover new areas and so may ensure the species’ survival, in cases when a highway suddenly crosses the path the normal toads have to take to reach their breeding grounds. “Human behaviour is sometimes comparable: weren’t Christopher Columbus, Leonardo da Vinci or Newton considered mad by their contemporaries, because they seemed to be following the ‘wrong path’? What they did, in fact, is open up new paths for humanity, which allowed it to progress, and perhaps survive its errors.” Pierre de la Coste.

Pierre de la Coste’s full article and other contributions to the “NO(S) FUTUR(S)” special feature are to be found in the 7th edition of the Technology Review, co-published by Le Cube.
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