BODY PAINT, Mehmet Akten

Interactive installation, 2009, United Kingdom

"Body Paint" Mehmet AktenMovement creates paint… With Body Paint, the spectators’ bodies become living paintbrushes, with which they can play and create on a giant virtual canvas a constantly evolving composition. Hidden in the simplicity are layers of subtle details. Size, speed, acceleration, curvature, all have an effect on the outcomes: strokes, splashes, drips, spirals, etc. It is left up to the users to play with and discover the various effects. Designed to work for one or more users, when several of them are present, they start interacting, throwing virtual paint on each other, trying to complete or destroy each other’s painting.

The work of The Mega Super Awesome Visuals Company’s founder, Mehmet Akten (aka Memo), ranges from large-scale interactive installations, live visuals for music/dance/theatre performances to music videos and mobile applications. In London, he has exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Science Museum and at the Royal Festival Hall, amongst others. He has also taken part in international festivals such as Ars Electronica, Mapping Festival and worked with artists and organisations such as Onedotzero, the BBC Philharmonic, Depeche Mode, Imogen Heap, Apple, Adidas and Rolls-Royce. Also an open-source advocate, a lot of his source-code and experiments are documented on his blog.

Interview de Mehmet Akten / Body Paint

Body Paint – Mehmet Akten / Cube Festival 2010